XX. International conference, organized by the Faculty BERG, Institute of Logistics, under the auspices of the rector of Technical University of Košice prof. Ing. Stanislav Kmeť, CSc. and dean of the Faculty of BERG of Technical University of Košice prof. Ing. Michal Cehlár, PhD.


18. - 21.9. 2018
Grand hotel Permon

Scientific scope of the conference

Research, production and use of steel ropes

  • research, development and production of steel ropes,
  • materials and properties of wires for steel ropes production,
  • lubricants, lubrication and anticorrosive protection of steel ropes,
  • theoretical and practical questions of steel ropes construction,
  • mechanical stress of steel ropes in operation,
  • lifetime, quality and assessment of steel ropes,
  • use and safety of steel ropes by operation of cranes, elevators and cableways,
  • monitoring, maintenance, control and test of steel ropes.

Research, production and use of conveyors

  • research, development and production of new construction of conveyors,
  • theory of transport by conveyors,
  • design, modelling, simulation of conveyors,
  • practical application of conveyors and their constructive elements,
  • additive and auxiliary devices of conveyors,
  • measurement, sensors, monitoring and diagnostic systems of conveyors,
  • management systems for conveyors,
  • quality control for conveyors,
  • management of transport safety by conveyors.

Research, production and use of hoisting machines and vertical conveying

  • research and development in the field of hoisting machines,
  • hoisting machines and their constructive elements,
  • mechanics of hoisting machines,
  • equipment of hoisting machines,
  • transport boxes of hoisting machines,
  • use and operation of hoisting machines,
  • practical skills from hoisting machines operation,
  • modernization of older hoisting machines,
  • problem of mining from the depth 1,000 m and more,
  • calculation of basic parameters for vertical conveying.

Organizing committee of the conference

prof. Ing. Vieroslav Molnár, PhD., F BERG, TU Košice, SR

prof. dr. Ivica Ristović, RGF Belgrade, Serbia

doc. Ing. Janka Šaderová, PhD., F BERG, TU Košice, SR
doc. Ing. Nikoleta Mikušová, PhD., F BERG, TU Košice, SR

Organizing committee members:
prof. Ing. Gabriel Fedorko, PhD., F BERG, TU Košice, SR
doc. Ing. Jozef Krešák, PhD., F BERG, TU Košice, SR
Ing. Hynek Přeček, CSc., VŠB TU Ostrava, CZ
Ing. Eva Tomková, PhD., F BERG, TU Košice, SR
Antónia Kleinová, F BERG, TU Košice, SR
Kvetoslava Spanyiková, F BERG, TU Košice, SR
Peter Kišiday, F BERG, TU Košice, SR


prof. Ing. Vieroslav Molnár, PhD.
Institute of logistics, Faculty BERG
TU Košice
Park Komenského 14
043 84 Košice

prof. Ing. Vieroslav Molnár, PhD.
00421/55/602 3143

doc. Ing. Nikoleta Mikušová, PhD.
00421/55/602 3147

International program committee

prof. Ing. Horst Gondek, DrSc. - VŠB TU Ostrava, CZ
doc. Ing. František Helebrant, CSc. - VŠB TU Ostrava, CZ
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sci. Milivoj Vulić - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
doc. Ing. Leopold Hrabovský, Ph.D. – VŠB TU Ostrava, ČR
doc. Ing. Stanislav Honus, Ph.D. – VŠB TU Ostrava, ČR
Assoc. Prof. Marinko Maslarić – University of Novi Sad, Serbia
dr inż. Tomasz Jachovicz – Lublin University of Technology, PL
dr hab. inż. Hubert Dębski – Lublin University of Technology, PL
dr hab. inż. Janusz Juraszek, prof. - ATH Bielsko-Biała, PL
Ing. Jan Strohmandl, Ph.D. – Univerzita Tomáše Bati Zlín, CZ
prof. dr Rade Tokalić - RGF Belgrade, Serbia
Dr. Andrey Minkin - ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group Hannover, Germany
Assoc. Prof. Vasilij Zotov - NUST MISIS, Russia

Honorary chairmanship

Ing. Miroslav Grešo - LAVEX, a.s., Liptovský Mikuláš, SR
prof. dr. hab. Ing. Monika Hardygóra - TU Wroclaw, PL
Ing. Jan Houdek, PhD. - INCO engineering s.r.o. Praha, CZ
Ing. Miroslav Plevák - Continental Matador Rubber s.r.o., SR
Ing. Dušan Slavkovský - TLD Tatranská Lomnica, SR
Ing. Ján Hrabovský, PhD. – SBS Banská Bystrica, SR
JUDr. Ing. Peter Kúkelčík – HBÚ Banská Štiavnica, SR
Ing. Marek Linhart - IDIADA CZ a.s., CZ
Ing. Karol Merta - ŠTOR CAD - GRAITEC s. r. o., SR
RNDr. Peter Šoltés - IPM SOLUTIONS, s.r.o., SR

Program committee

Research, production and use of steel ropes
doc. Ing. Jozef Krešák, PhD.

Research, production and use of conveyors
prof. Ing. Daniela Marasová, CSc.

Research, production and use of hoisting machines
Ing. Jan Houdek, PhD.

Scientific committee

prof. Ing. Gabriel Fedorko, PhD.

prof. Ing. Ján Boroška, CSc.

prof. Ing. Eduard Štroffek, CSc.

doc. Ing. Vladimír Taraba, PhD.


Technical University of Košice, F BERG, Logistics Institute, SR
RGF Belgrade, Serbia
Inco engineering, s.r.o., Praha, CZ
Continental ContiTech CBG, Púchov, SR
LAVEX a.s., Liptovský Mikuláš, SR
Tatranské lanové dráhy, a.s., Tatranská Lomnica, SR
Slovenská banícka spoločnosť, Banská Bystrica, SR

Organisation directives

fee Conference fee

Conference fee for the participants is 252 EUR (VAT included) by the registration by 15 August 2018 and by the registration after 15 August 2018, the conference fee is 288 EUR. Conference fee includes the cost of organizational and technical equipment of the conference, spa fee, a collection of abstracts, conference proceeding in electric form, conference materials and refreshment during the discussion in sessions.

The fee for PhD. students is 150 EUR (VAT included).

Price of the participation fee is agreed by the Law No. 526/90 about prices. In the case of non-participation, the fee is non-refundable.

Fee-related to the stay at the conference for accompanying person is 155 EUR (VAT included).

ubytovanieAccommodation and catering

Accommodation is not included in the conference fee and it must be ordered separately by the address

with the notice that You are the participant of the conference VVaPOL 2018, and this guarantees You the mentioned price of the accommodation.

Grand hotel Permon will provide for participants of the conference accommodation in double and triple rooms at 46 EUR/night (for one person). The price of accommodation in the single bed room is 84 EUR/night.

Catering starts 18 September 2018 with dinner and it ends 21 September 2018 with lunch.

platbaInformation about the payment

Bank:                 Tatra banka, a.s.  
                            Hodžovo námestie 3
                            P.O.Box 42
                            850 05 Bratislava 55
Account number:   2925842380/1100
IBAN:                       SK6311000000002925842380 
Account name:       NICRAM s.r.o.
                                   Veľká Lodina 94
                                   044 81 Veľká Lodina
Company registration number:  36198778 (we are VAT payer)
Variable symbol:                           LANA2018

To the message for recipient it is urgent to notice: Name and surname of participant                                    
Fee for transaction – foreign payment is not included in the conference fee.

Conference program

18.september 2018

17:00 - 20:00
Presentation of the participants
19:00 - 21:00    Dinner

19.september 2018

08:00 - 12:30
Presentation of the participants
09:00 - 17:00
Conference opening and discussion in sessions

20.september 2018

09:00 - 17:00    Discussion in sessions

21.september 2018

Excursion, conference ending

Information about papers publishing

Papers will be published in the selected journals. The condition for publication of papers in the selected journals is a successful review process and active participation of the author in the form of a lecture or poster. One author can submit maximum 2 papers to journals.

Papers in Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Serbian and German language will be included and published only in conference proceeding in electronic form with ISBN.

Publishing fee (not included in the conference fee):

Journal Web address Publishing Fee Service charge
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (JTAM) – WoS, Scopus 0 € 50 €
Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal (ASTRJ) – WoS 125 € 50 €
MATEC Web of Conferences (MATEC) – WoS, Scopus 50 € 50 €
Transport & Logistics (T&L) 0 € 25 €

Please, send an abstract of the paper by email to the address in the format listed on the conference website. Based on the content of the abstract, the input assessment will realize in accordance with the thematic scope of the selected journal. All abstracts of the papers will be published in the Abstracts Proceedings with the ISBN in printed form.

Instruction for writing the paper will be sent to the authors together with the acceptance letter and also published on the website of the conference

Companies presentation

Within the conference, it is possible for a fee presentation of companies by the form of lecture, exposition of showpieces, products and by the form of advertising in the collection of abstracts or on the web page of the conference.

Languages: Slovak, Czech, English, Polish

Important deadlines:
17. 04. 2018 - sending the application form and abstract
30. 04. 2018 - sending acceptance letter about the paper receipt
30. 06. 2018 - sending the manuscript to the conference proceeding (according to instructions), manuscripts to the selected journals will be solved from time to time with authors
15. 07. 2018 - sending the 2nd announcement
15. 08. 2018 - sending the binding application form and payment of fee 252 EUR (VAT included) and other fees of the conference
04. 09. 2018 – sending the binding application form and payment of fee 288 EUR (VAT included) after the term and other fees of the conference


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